1st Conference on Supervised Practice of Psychologists

Dear colleagues,

you are kindly invited to

the 1st Conference on Supervised Practice of Psychologists,

which will be held from August 25–26, 2017, in Hotel Lev in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

A successfully completed one-year supervised practice is one of the criteria for developing competences needed for practicing psychology and for obtaining European Certificate in Psychology – EuroPsy. Different models of supervised practice are present in different countries, and there are differences in supervisor’s practice and training. The aim of the conference is to present the current state of affairs in supervised practice and to exchange the expertise and good practice between different countries. The conference also aims to set the ground for future developments and harmonization in the field of supervised practice of psychologists in Europe.

Conference programme

A glimpse of the programme:

Keynote lecture:
Aisling McMahon (School of Nursing and Human Sciences, Dublin City University, Ireland): Four guiding principles for the supervisory relationship

Ingvild Stjernen Tisløv (Barne-, ungdoms- og familiedirektoratet – Bufdir, Norway): Filling the gap – competence based assessment and development in supervision

Per A. Straumsheim (Norsk Psykologforening): What to assess and what to develop in supervision?

Rosaleen McElvaney (School of Nursing and Human Sciences, Dublin City University, Ireland): Incorporating supervised practice placements within educational training programmes

A more detailed programme will be announced at the end of July.

Call for papers and other types of presentations

Representatives of EuroPsy (S)NACs from different countries are invited to present supervised practice and supervisor training in their country and reflect on what is running smoothly, what are the challenges, where further developments are needed. Presentations of good practices in training supervisors (e.g., efficient supervision methods, development of supervision skills, supervision of supervision) and in supervised practice implementation in different fields of psychology are also welcome. Oral presentations will be limited to 15 minutes.

Proposals for short workshops on specific supervision methods or other aspects of supervision (up to 90 minutes) are welcome.

The conference programme will also include discussions on commonalities and differences between countries, the definition of the criteria of successful supervised practice, challenges in supervised practice and how they could be faced, and the content of the supervisor training.


Conference fee: none.

The conference is funded by Norway Grants 2009–2014 (http://www.norwaygrants.si, http://eeagrants.org/), by national funds of the Republic of Slovenia (www.svrk.gov.si/en/), and by EFPA.


The funds cover conference materials, coffee breaks and lunch. 

Although there is no registration fee at this conference, participants need to register for the conference. Both participants who will actively participate to the conference programme and those who will not are asked to register. Registration information will help the organizers optimize the administration logistics and deliver better service.

You can register for the conference and submit the abstract of your contribution online (click here).

EFPA financial support to representatives of (S)NACs

EFPA has granted financial support to representatives of (S)NACs. Travelling or accommodation expenses in the amount of up to 300 EUR will be reimbursed to one representative from each country. If you are a representative of (S)NAC, please mark so in the registration form. When the final number of (S)NAC representatives is known, the organizers will contact (S)NACs and the representatives by e-mail to specify the details of reimbursement.

Representatives of (S)NACs are also kindly requested to write a short abstract of their presentation when registering for the conference.


Active participants: Please, register and submit your abstract till July 23, 2017. 

Other participants are asked to register for the event till August 4, 2017.


The conference venue is located in the city center: Hotel Lev, Vošnjakova ulica 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, http://www.union-hotels.eu/. If you come by car, you can park in the hotel garage for 9 EUR per day (please notify the conference organizer at least 7 days prior to the conference to check if parking is possible).

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Ljubljana is full of tourists in the summer. Please reserve your accommodation as soon as possible.

Conference web page


Conference organizer

The organizer of the conference is Department of Psychology, University of Ljubljana, in collaboration with Slovenian Psychologists’ Association, Norwegian Psychological Association, Andrej Marušič Institute at University of Primorska, and ISA institute. The conference is organized under the auspices of the EuroPsy European Awarding Committee.


Contact information:

Anja Podlesek
Department of Psychology, University of Ljubljana
Aškerčeva 2
1000 Ljubljana
e-mail: anja.podlesek@ff.uni-lj.si
Tel.: +386 1 4213 590